What is PDO threading? Have you noticed sagging along your jawline or under your eyes? As we age, gravity begins to take its toll, creating jowls, folds, and an overall aging effect. To make it worse, our bodies often lose the fat that gives our faces defined features, and our support structures aren’t as strong as before.

Polydioxanone (PDO) thread lifts have rapidly become a popular minimally invasive alternative to surgical facelift procedures. It is ideal for patients who want to avoid surgical procedures, are not candidates for surgery because of medical issues or want to delay surgery.

What Is PDO Threading?

PDO threading originated from the ancient practice of acupuncture, which involves the strategic placement of needles to realign the body’s energy and address a variety of health concerns. Although it evolved from medical treatment, thread lift therapy is primarily a cosmetic procedure. Its primary purpose is to tighten sagging skin, thereby giving you a more youthful appearance.

For the past 15 years, PDO threading has been used to treat a range of areas:

  • Heart shaped, higher cheekbone contour
  • Exotic, cat eye contour
  • Snatched, defined jawline
  • Softer smile lines
  • Eyebrow lift
  • Smoother neck lines
pdo threads, what is pdo threading
pdo threads, what is pdo threading

When Can PDO Threads be Used?

Threads can be placed in the forehead to lift the brows and also in the temple area to pull the skin and give the “foxy eyes” look. We use threads in the cheeks to soften the smile lines especially when patients don’t want to put filler in the area. We can use it in the lower face to lift and contour the jawline.

A thread lift can also be used in the neck but often requires multiple threads and sometimes multiple sessions to get the best result. When it comes to the neck, depending on the severity of laxity in the skin, we may recommend combination treatments such as Microneedling to get the best results. Threads can be placed in the body as well, and although they don’t give the same results as the face, often a few sessions are required to see significant improvement.

How it Works

The procedure takes typically takes an hour to an hour and a half. The area is numbed with an anesthetic injection, then a small opening is created with a needle. The thread is then placed into the skin with a blunt cannula, then maneuvered to achieve the desired results.

There is minimal downtime from a thread lift. You will be able to go back to work and to normal activities. It is recommended to avoid exercise for about a week. PDO thread lifts pose little risk of adverse events. There is virtually no risk of scarring, severe bruising, bleeding or other complications.


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