How Frequently Should I Get a Facial?

December 11, 2017

It’s no secret that facials are needed for optimal skincare. This important cosmetic procedure has so many benefits for men and women at every age. The reality is that facials can be helpful for a wide range of dermatological problems and can be targeted to your specific needs, pretty much on the spot! Whether you’re concerned with aging, wrinkles, teen acne, blackheads, large pores, crows feet or any number of everyday issues, regular facials can be an important factor in achieving the skin you want.

Typically, an aesthetician will recommend that you get a facial about once a month. However, we’re all different. You may be thinking ‘Is getting a facial really necessary every four weeks? Does it vary by skin type? Is it just a nicety or really a necessity? What does a facial actually do and why is one needed so often?’. Here’s the truth: while we are all different, everyone sheds skin cells roughly once a month. Let us break this down for you. Each month our bodies go through a full ‘life cycle’ of cell growth. This means your skin has completed the cycle of shedding old skin cells and generating new ones. This is why most dermatologists and/or aestheticians suggest a monthly facial – so we can treat the healthy new skin cells that will be around for the entire next month!

If you’ve never had a facial, here are the main steps included:

  • Skin analysis
  • Cleansing
  • Exfoliation (A gentle acid or enzyme peel, ultrasonic exfoliation, or microdermabrasion are the most common)
  • Steam
  • Massage of the face, neck and shoulders (this wakes them up!)
  • Manual extractions to clear out blackheads and clogged pores (You know – all those pesky blackheads you can’t ever seem to get rid of. Yep! This is a very important step.)
  • Full face mask

Of course, this is the basic outline for a facial. At TruDerm, we have many varieties that target just about every skin care goal you can think of. While we still recommend about one facial a month, at home exfoliates and a regimented skincare routine can help to keep that after facial glow between treatments.

If you’re still not convinced, the many benefits of a facial include:

  • Expert skin analysis from someone who understands your unique skin type and how to best care for it;
  • Professional strength exfoliation to smooth the skin, lighten discoloration from sun and breakouts;
  • Manual extraction of blackheads and clogged pores to create smoother and less-bumpy skin;
  • Intensive hydration to repair the skin’s moisture barrier to keep skin looking plump and moist;
  • Facial massage to increase circulation to encourage brighter, glowing skin; and
  • Professional guidance for your home care routine.

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