Why Every Woman in Their 30’s Should be Using a Daily Retinol

November 21, 2017

Retinoids work through the pathway of vitamin A, helping to regulate epithelial cell growth. They have many important functions throughout the body such as helping with growth of bone tissue, regulation of cell proliferation, have roles in vision, our immune function, and help to activate our tumor suppressor genes.

As you can see, the use of retinoids in the medical community vary widely. In the field of dermatology, retinoids are used to stimulate the production of new skin cells. They can help to fade dark spots that result from photo-aging, hormonal changes, hyperpigmentation, as well as some blemish scars. In addition, retinoids are used to treat acne, reduce the appearance of fine lines, boost collagen, unclog pores, and increase the speed of cell turnover – sometimes in as little as four weeks!

Considered the golden standard by many dermatologists, retinoids have a proven track record of improving skin such that it appears clearer, softer, brighter, and less-lined. As women age, skin cells produce less and less collagen, we lose elastic tissue, causing the skin to look deflated. Retinoids help your body to continue generating healthy, new skin cells and natural collagen, essentially working to slow down this natural aging process. In some cases, retinoids can also reverse photoaging!

For most women, this natural aging process begins in their 30’s. For this reason, we strongly recommend women begin with a mild, over-the-counter retinol product in their late 20s to get used to the effects, working towards the use of a prescription-strength retinol product by their late 30s. Some of our top picks include Skin Better’s Alpha Ret Night Moisturizer, the Avène Retrinol Eye cream, and the ZO™ Medical Intense Eye cream.

For some, the use of retinoids for the first time can experience a tingling sensation. If this is the case and you find it overwhelming, we recommend mixing it with a little moisturizer to soften the sensation.

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