The Buzz About B-12 Injections

January 26, 2019

It’s flu season, and with so many family members, friends and co-workers getting the bug, staying on top of your health is of paramount importance. No one likes to feel like a tired, or simply feel run down, and let’s face it, many of us simply cannot afford to be sick! Fortunately, there is a simple treatment that can help, so you don’t have to take it lying down.

You’ve probably heard all the buzz about B-12 injections, but what really are they? And more importantly, why should you bother with them? When you hear people say that they’re getting a B-12 injection – or shot – what they’re referring to is vitamin B-12. This important vitamin plays crucial roles in maintaining the health of your blood cells, digestive system, brain, and nervous system. Vitamin B-12 is also known for helping to increase energy levels and combat fatigue, boost your immune system, speed up your metabolism, increase your concentration, improve your mood, and can even help with weight loss!

How does it work? For starters, our bodies need Vitamin B-12 (along with other B vitamins) for proper energy production in your mitochondria (which is what helps our bodies produce “energy”). The number of mitochondria in your cells – and muscles and how effective they are working – determine your “energy” levels. Anything that lowers energy production in the mitochondria can manifest as fatigue. Conversely, adding B-12 can increase the production of mitochondria, therefore leading to higher energy levels. Vitamin B-12 also plays a critical role in your immune system as supplements (like injections!) have been shown to restore abnormalities in important cell ratios. These factors are very important for fighting off viruses and bacteria that come into contact with your body.

In short, B-12 injections are being hailed as the healthy boosting benefit across the world for a reason – and believe us, you don’t want to miss out. ​Taking B12 shots may result in a dramatic improvement in your symptoms and can help in a variety of ways. If you’ve noticed that you get sick frequently, want help fighting off a bug you’ve picked up, or even just need a boost of energy for preventative measures, B-12 is a terrific idea. Throughout the month of January only, B-12 injections are on special! Try one for $35 each, or $120 for package of four. Call us for more information and to book in today on 561-847-4751.