2017 Skincare Resolutions!

December 21, 2016

2017 is upon us! What better time to make your New Years resolutions? Let’s talk about skincare resolutions for this coming year…

  1. Wear your sunscreen everyday!


  • We all know that UV rays are dangerous to the health and appearance of our skin, slap some SPF on every morning and protect your beautiful face!


  1. Do not forget to remove your makeup at night.


  • Too tired at the end of the day? We have all been there, ladies… But excess oil and leftover makeup will clog your pores. Wash your face before hitting the hay.


  1. Exfoliate!


  • Without regular exfoliation, skin cells dry out and lose luster. Keep your skin soft and smooth by exfoliating regularly!


  1. Clean those makeup brushes.


  • Makeup and skin oils build up, creating bacteria growth that can cause irritation and outbreaks. Wash your brushes under lukewarm water weekly.


  1. Moisturize!


  • Winter tends to dry out our skin, stay moisturized every morning to avoid flaky skin!

-We hope these tips helped. May your 2017 be as beautiful as you are!


Your Truderm team